Ace & The Fun Finance Crew

Ace – is a young boy with a unique ability to transport others into his wild and crazy daydreams, which often lead to zany adventures in the worlds of science, technology, finance, and employment/work ethic.

Josie – is Ace's best friend, the voice of reason, and the only member of the crew who can snap Ace out of his daydreams and back into reality.

Kareen – is known to the crew as the “Brainiac.” Kareem is extremely passionate about science and knows that one day he will discover the ultimate cure for all diseases known to mankind.

Lissette – loves technology and knows she is destined to invent a time machine that will allow people to travel into the past or future to make the world a better place.

Jayda – loves helping her fellow crewmembers solve problems. She is destined to one day become President of the United States which will allow her to solve the world's problems.

Madison – loves clothes and knows that one day she will create the world's number one fashion line.

Richard – is a computer wiz with a knack for creating computer games that mimic real life experiences.

Sammy – is a social entrepreneur who starts businesses to help those less fortunate than himself and his crewmembers. 

The Lab: ”Clubhouse” – The official high-tech hangout of The Fun Finance Crew.


Fudgy Doughnut

Spiders, Darkness and even Monsters all seem so harmless when our tasty friend Fudgy Donut helps us face our fears. Fearless Fudgy Donut is never scared as he helps Timmy the Baker, Glaze, Sprinkles, and Clair overcome their fears by explaining the myths behind them. This is where the fun begins and never ends. 


General Barkenbite


I am General Barkenbite, 4 star General and Commanding Officer of the Worldwide Army Against Animal Cruelty. "Help me combat animal cruelty"! I am asking all of my friends (YOU) to enlist in the Worldwide Army Against Animal Cruelty. You can do this by becoming one of my friends on my Xposure Edutainment/Social Networking page.

Help spread the word by forwarding my page to all of your family and friends. I am currently building a world-class army network of pet adoption agencies, animal shelters, animal day-care facilities, dog walkers, pet sitters, volunteers and caring soldiers such as yourself. I need your help to swell the ranks of my army and to give this matter the attention it so richly deserves. Please join me in this wonderful cause and help spread the word about me, (General Barkenbite) and the fight to Combat Animal Cruelty. 

Until then, continue on soldier!! 


The 6C's

Courtesy – My name is Carmin Courtesy and I’m very courteous and really stretchy. Being stretchy allows me to do many fun and helpful things like snagging a homerun ball before it goes over a fence or rescuing a cat stuck high atop a tree. The trick to unlocking my stretchiness is Courtesy. Showing courtesy by saying "please and thank you” helps unlocks all of my fun stretchiness. Let's get my stretchiness and the fun started by greeting someone with a warm smile and nice big "HELLO!"

Choices – My name is C. Moore Choices and I love being able to make great decisions. Making great decisions happens when you have a variety of things from which to choose. As a robot with 6 arms making choices is not always easy. I’m throwing a party for all of my friends at my robot mansion tonight and I don’t know what to wear. What type of food will I serve? What games will we play? Should we listen to Rap, Pop, Rock, or Country? It’s great to have choices!

Communication – What do smoke signals, Facebook, Twitter, speaking, listening, sign and body language all have in common? If you said they are all forms of communication you are absolutely correct!

We are Cher and Telly communication and together we are going to teach you the importance of communication, which is nothing more than the sharing of information. We all have our favorite ways of communicating. Telly what is your favorite way of communicating? Great question Cher, I have so many but I’d have to say my favorite is my cell phone. Cher what is your favorite way of communicating? Telly that’s an easy one for me as nothing replaces a good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation like the one we are having about communication. 

Control – Hi I’m officer Alda Control with a public service announcement about control. Maintaining control allows you to properly manage your actions and behavior so that everyone has a great time. When people are out of control I must step in and no one has a good time. Violations can range from “getting out of your seat without raising your hand” to “sticking out your foot to trip your neighbor.” I know which type of control I’d choose. Let’s maintain control and have fun! Friends, classmates, teachers, parents and community members have brought this public service announcement about control to you. 

Captain Compromise – Hi I’m Captain Compromise from Planet Promise. I have come to Planet Earth in my spacecraft “EERGA” to teach the human race the art of compromising. When people compromise no one person gets everything they want instead each person gets a little of what they want. Once humans learn this valuable lesson there will be no more wars, fights or disagreements. My trusty compro-ball shows me people all across planet earth who have disagreements and refuse to compromise. Beam me up “EERGA!” the art of "compromise" must rule the day!

Commitment – Hello everyone! We are brothers Chris and Cody Commitment. We have dedicated our lives to teaching one another the value of commitment and boy do we have some stories to share. Yeah Chris, like the time you helped me learn the value of commitment when I chose to play video games instead of completing my homework. Since then I have committed myself to finishing my homework before playing anything else and I have you to thank for that. Don’t mention it Cody, as you too have taught me the value of commitment on a number of occasions. Remember the time I won the game in overtime for our school basketball team? If you weren’t committed to spending countless hours training me to shoot free throws I would never have hit the game winning shot. Thank you for your commitment, Cody! Thank you for your commitment, Chris!


The "One Day" Babies

I’m Baby Roc! I’m Javier! I’m Hillie! And we are The “One Day” Babies!

We were born with a unique ability to change the world through imagination. In our world play is our work as we explore, discover and imagine what it’s like to be a scientist, doctor, engineer, chef, fire fighter, inventor or President of the United States…ONE DAY!




Help Owlx Sing The WiseOwlogy Song!!

“Its WiseOwlogy Time!
Tick tock tick
It’s your favorite WiseGuy full of wisdom and wit
Teaching basics of finance and work ethic
I’m such a Smart Owlx
Tick Tock Tick
Its WiseOwlogy Time!” 

Hi Wise Boys and Girls!
It’s your Favorite Wise-Guy OWLX, back for another fun and exciting lesson. LET"S GET STARTED!!!